The travel starts! / by HOMS ARTHAUS

With the car ready our trip started, we would drive from south Germany, crossing Belgium, Holand and France to get in London.

But we didn't know exactly how long time it would take, because the car could only drive 70km/h, which is really slow compare to a normal car. And also if the car was in good conditions to drive such long way. But we took the risk and expected the best!

We all way was really exciting, people were taking pictures of the car and speaking to us, like we just came by from Woodstock. And the car was driving like it would never let us down! it gave us the feeling that we were doing the best and the right thing for us.

The travel to London took 3 days, stopping to sleep for two nights. However, one of our stops was in Belgium, in a really beautiful city called Bruges, a city that looked like a old memory, if you are just passing by, but if you take a long walk inside, you observe that the city is full of young students, cool bars and different cultures! Such a joy!