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About us

We believe everything is a collapse, a quimic reaction that keeps everything moving, a experiment. A experiment  adding opposite ideas, collapsing to each other. Polarities will emerge creating equality of the meanings and ambiguous interpretations, that is what we capture, this exactly moment exchange of meanings. The concept of diversity and different interpretations creating new visions, and the equivocal will became simply diversity of itself.

Contrast is needed to create a distinguishable reality - without we would experience nothingness. We depend of our opposite to prove existence. But we grow and develop in the same source: nature; where opposing forces do not exchange in opposition but instead exchange reciprocally to promote stabilization. We are all manifestations of nature and without our opposite, we do not exist. But in the same way as we diverse we can unify. The transition, the dualism of sources transmit a liable process. This process is always alive and moving. 

Our brand is pure experiment, experiments followed by the mind of creators.